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Test your skills at a gaming lounge in Shawnee, KS

Whether you're 18 or 55, you're never too old to game. If you've never really been a gamer, it's also never too late to start. Gaming is an experience that should be enjoyed in the right atmosphere with the right setup and beverages to make you feel comfortable.

Unless your living room is a decked-out gaming lounge, you'll want to head to E-Sports Bar KC for the real deal. Our esports bar is located in Shawnee, KS and is equipped with all of the TVs, games and drinks you could need.

Don't settle for playing video games in Grandma's basement. Head to E-Sports Bar KC and enjoy the gaming experience of a lifetime.

Game on

When you visit E-Sports Bar KC in Shawnee, KS, you'll find that our gaming lounge is unlike any other. Whether you're stopping by for a birthday party or for some solo gaming, time will fly by as you get lost in the world of games. Our esports bar:

Has over 35 TVs for gaming or sports spectating

Provides a full-service bar with beer, wine and spirits

Offers happy hour drink specials every single day

Has a fun, chill atmosphere perfect for a good time

Catch a game on a high-quality TV or take your skills to the next level with friends. Whatever the occasion, you'll have a great time at E-Sports Bar KC. Visit our gaming lounge in Shawnee, KS today to let the good times roll.

Gamers unite

When gaming is a big part of your life, it feels good to be around like-minded individuals who share the same passion. When you visit E-Sports Bar KC in Shawnee, KS, you'll get to challenge other gamers and build bonds. Our gaming lounge has a fun, laid-back atmosphere that you can relax in as you enjoy a few drinks.

If you get tired of gaming, you can always take a break and watch a football or basketball game instead. We don't serve food, but we'll quench your thirst at our full bar. Stick around for an hour or all day if you'd like. We conveniently charge by the hour so you always get what you pay for.

Our esports bar in Shawnee, KS is also the perfect spot to host events like super bowl parties or office outings. Contact us today to learn more about our rates and reservations.